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Client Testimonials

Making our client's events memorable is our ultimate goal with every project. Here's just a few kind words from our many happy customers...
“You made our Annual Staff Party so easy for me, and your ideas were brilliant. What makes you different is that your first answer is never 'No'. Your creativity and kind-mannered way was such a pleasure. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts.”

~ Edward Chambers, Lloyds TSB
“I have worked with dancers all over the world, and rarely seen any dancer as expressive, fluid and beautiful as Alessia. She is able to take the photographer's imagination and express it physically... she is a wonder to work with.”

~ Joe McNally, Photographer (USA)
“You were an absolute joy to work with - so professional and passionate ...You managed to impress with your deliciously creative ideas and sheer enthusiasm. Thanks for all your hard work and for making our event so special.”

~ Adeti Changulani - Bates Pan Gulf









“Alessia has a depth of knowledge in many different types of dance styles. This makes her one of the best choreographers in the region. She has a passion for dance and costume-design which is unparalleled in this market. Highly recommended!”

~Sue Pengelly, Concept World Events
“Alessia, thanks for the awesome costumes and slick moves! Without your unconditional belief, enthusiasm and inspirational talent, the VW launch would not have been such an overwhelming success. We're on the front page. Thank you!”

~ Daniel, B-Marketing
“I have worked with Alessia Amoni many times and have always enjoyed the experience. She is a competent, talented and beautiful dancer with sound choreographic talent, and truly enhances any event she is involved with. ”

~ Ann MacDonald - SIAN Events